Luis Alvarado for Pico Rivera City Council

As your city councilmember, I promise to tackle the following issues as such.

The primary responsibility of a municipality is to ensure that residents and visitors feel safe within our city limits. As a side effect of the pandemic, we are all experiencing crime rates that are skyrocketing, and homelessness is a challenge that we can’t sweep under the carpet.

My decades of experience as a Corporate Security Executive, allowed me to work with many leaders in Law-Enforcement agencies to address public safety in municipality settings. 

As your councilman, I will diligently work with our Sheriff to ensure that our city does not carry the burden of the expected budget cuts in the Sheriff Department. I will work with our Fire Department and other government representatives and community leaders…. to ensure that we build a coordinated effort to tackle short, medium, and long-term strategies.

As your councilman, and steward of our hard-earned tax dollars, I will fight to ensure that we work together to help our first responders and City staff accomplish their sworn duty and contractual obligations of protecting our families and communities.

As your City Councilman I will fight for all in our community, like our Senior citizens whom many live on a fixed budget and have to fight to make ends meet; our youth who need afterschool programs to help mold them into productive community members; family breadwinners who first of all want the ability to raise their children safely; veterans and indeed our growing homeless population. 


I will work to keep our parks and community centers open and running successfully to serve our residents, because my goal is to keep our refuse program, roads, utilities, and city beautification programs running uninterrupted. 

As your councilman, I will be a champion who works with our business community and fights to bring outside resources to enhance our quality of life. I will guard our resources, strengthen public safety, increase smart business development, and advocate for intelligent housing. I will also work with other government representatives and elected officials to get the maximum benefit of programs designated to help municipalities such as our own Pico Rivera.  

Now more than ever, we need to keep our business community alive to maintain the quality of lifestyle our residents expect and deserve.

Strengthen Public Safety

Working with our Police Department and Fire Department to ensure that all our residents are protected.  And that these agencies deliver on their contractual obligations to serve us with dignity and the highest lever of proficiency to their oaths.

Public Programs

Promote impactful programs for seniors, youth and working families.  Especially those most vulnerable. It is important to help the people who are not only asking for the help, but to assist them in finding their own footing to be self sufficient.

Economic Development

Engage in smart Economic Development.  Including any projects that expand future construction to our community. Our goal will be fiscal responsibility while being acessible to our community. I will be a guardian to our hard earned funds

Do We Have Your Support?

We want to make sure that every single resident of Pico Rivera is heard and listened to. We invite you to emial our campaign, to ask for more information, or even to simply voice your concerns about the city and your leadership. We are an open ear to our community and their needs. If you are supporting our movement to improve the city of Pico Rivera through strong leadership, I urge you to donate to our campaign to help spread the message of hard work and experienced leadership throughout or city.