Luis Alvarado for Pico Rivera City Council

I am running for City Council because I am certain that I have what it takes to confront the challenges we are facing today.

For over a decade I have worked with National, State and Municipal leaders to ensure that our system of governance efficient, productive and equitable as we navigate the challenges we face as a community.

I am running to represent the interest of “ALL” our Residents as your representative in the Pico Rivera City Council I will fight to ensure our resources are spent wisely and without any cloud of improprieties or favoritism.

If you have any questions or observations you would like to share, please feel free to contact me via our campaign email at

Thank You!

Luis Alvarado Biography

Small Business Owner, Anti-corruption Advocate, and Community Leader

Luis Alvarado’s entry into Public Affairs arena in 2008 was a return to his first love in political engagement. Before then, Luis had served in multiple capacities as a Risk Management professional. Luis started as a hotel Security officer in West Hollywood in the late 80’ were he raised through the ranks and into a management position. In the early ’90s, he left the hotel industry to work for Crawford and Company, where he was certified as an Insurance Third Party Administrator Claims adjuster and was tasked with investigating fraudulent claims and managing multiple Attorneys he brought claims to a close.  

He was recruited to return to the hotel industry in a Director capacity, where he served for over ten years, working at some of the most prestigious properties in Southern California and also representing the industry as a Hospitality law instructor at UCLA for their hospitality certification process—and serving as a member of the Southern California Hotel Security Directors Association when he also served as Secretary, Treasurer Vice President and ultimately President.

Luis left the hotel industry and served in various Senior Risk Management positions for Companies in the Manufacturing, Sales, and Insurance Product consulting firms.

Luis’s extensive experience has helped him serve his clients with finding success in multiple candidate electoral campaigns, issues advocacy campaigns, and government navigation management campaigns. As a Small Business Owner, his success and expertise have been molded by his commitment to delivering the highest level of fundamental strategies as he brings an additional higher degree of specialty when it comes to communicating with diverse communities, as is the Latino community; or on issues relevant to them and the hemisphere. He promotes public opinion utilizing all the most advanced media tools available.

Recently Luis has worked in consulting and constructing Radio, TV, and digital ads in Local, State, Federal Races, and issue advocacy campaigns. Luis is also a co-founder of GROW Elect Political Action Committee that helps Latino candidates get elected to municipal offices. Luis has founded or several boards of prominent organizations such as the Latino Legislative Round Table, a Bi-Partisan Political Action Committee that works to bring attention to policy issues affecting Latino families throughout the country; the Bilateral Council a 501(c)(4) International Nonprofit organization promoting economic and cultural bridges between the US & Mexico; as well as multiple California Political Action Committee to promote transparent and effective leadership for California municipalities…Such as the committee to oppose Pico Rivera Councilman Armenta in the last election cycle.

Luis is a political expert and frequently seen on CNN, Univision, Telemundo, Politico, The Los Angeles Times, and various national, international, and Spanish-language media. 

Luis has held senior positions in risk management for companies in the hospitality, manufacturing, distribution, and insurance industries. A native of Los Angeles, Luis is the eldest of five children of immigrant parents. A product of public education, he attended West Los Angeles College before transferring to California State University, Los Angeles, to study political science. Luis served his country in the US Army Reserve 311 COSCOM. And together with his wife, Lupe has volunteered with multiple non-profit and civic organizations.

Strengthen Public Safety

Working with our Police Department and Fire Department to ensure that all our residents are protected.  And that these agencies deliver on their contractual obligations to serve us with dignity and the highest lever of proficiency to their oaths.

Public Programs

Promote impactful programs for seniors, youth and working families.  Especially those most vulnerable. It is important to help the people who are not only asking for the help, but to assist them in finding their own footing to be self sufficient.

Economic Development

Engage in smart Economic Development.  Including any projects that expand future construction to our community. Our goal will be fiscal responsibility while being acessible to our community. I will be a guardian to our hard earned funds

Do We Have Your Support?

We want to make sure that every single resident of Pico Rivera is heard and listened to. We invite you to email our campaign, to ask for more information, or even to simply voice your concerns about the city and your leadership. We are an open ear to our community and their needs. If you are supporting our movement to improve the city of Pico Rivera through strong leadership, I urge you to donate to our campaign to help spread the message of hard work and experienced leadership throughout or city.